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My love for good food and foreign cultures with their unique dishes has been driving me to the most remote corners of the world for many years. It is obvious that food photography, as a special area of advertising and editorial photography, had to become one of my greatest – literally – vocations.

My trademark is the visual staging of culinary qualities and subtleties of a dish at the highest level and with strong clarity and aesthetics. Color, light, shadow, textures, details – culinary pleasure as a promise. Food photography in this form does not just depict, it conveys universal values in a subtle way, promises the highest quality of ingredients and employees, enjoyment, authenticity, professionalism.

And just as there are endless ways to assemble ingredients into dishes, there are endless ways to photograph them. Food must tell a story that stimulates the senses. Only with the right ingredients does a photo make you want to experience it sensually.

From the idea to the concept to the creation, whether elegantly, playfully or abstract, I offer holistic solutions for drink & food photography concepts including food styling in gastronomy, culinary art, in bars, the food industry, the hotel industry and for cookbooks. My work is created both on location in the restaurant or in the kitchen, close to the employees – for example behind the scenes in the work processes as a PR documentary – with authentic portrait photos and food photographs directly in the restaurant or in the studio.

Selected dishes, ingredients or entire menus are arranged and captured according to your needs. From gourmet restaurants to street food, patisseries or cocktail bars, culinary delight has many facets and I am always happy to face new creative challenges, even outside of the typical areas of food photography.

My advertising and editorial food photography clients in the F&B trade and beyond are primarily located in Hanover and Hamburg. I’m also conveniently closely located to the neighboring Lower Saxony regions of Braunschweig (Brunswick), Wolfsburg, Hildesheim, Bremen and East Westphalia. Of course, I’m also available for projects all over Germany and far beyond – particularly in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.


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Just as there are endless ways to assemble ingredients into dishes, there are endless ways to photograph them. It’s time to turn your culinary creations into visual treats.

With experience in the food & beverage sector in Europe and Asia, I am your reliable contact for all-round photographic solutions in conception, food photography and food styling for all areas of application in the online and print sector – from a single source.

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