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The secret to top-notch photography? Real passion and dedication to the profession. On my travels to and through Asia, the search for perfection in every single photo began many years ago. Over time, I have developed a strong, clear photographic style that focuses on the essentials and aesthetics of the object. Today I use this special type of photography in Hanover, Hamburg and across Germany in various areas:

I work for both editorial and commercial clients, where I mostly focus on still-life photography and reportage or photojournalism, e.g. using corporate PR photography and documentary photography series that are closely oriented towards people, interactions and processes in the work life.

Still-life photography is often an accompanying and important focus element in my documentaries and in storytelling; in product photography, however, it is only used appropriately in its pure form: for showcasing products and in food photography, whether with minimalist or playful still life sets, from styling to post-production, the photo shoots run reliably and efficiently from a single source.

In corporate photography, I focus on companies holistically: From authentic PR documentaries, lifestyle photo shoots, characterful staff portraits to architectural photos and concise product photos to extraordinary still-life photographs – all facets of the company become visually alive and impressively arranged.

My areas of specialization in the corporate area are food photography and medical photography. At first glance they are rather contradictory areas, but with very similar demands in terms of visual appearance: Technical know-how, professionalism and the promise to leave the guest or patient happier and stronger. The photographic approach is similar, but the (inter)human qualities are of greater importance in medical photography: working with the patient and medical staff, the right distance and closeness, sterile work, maintaining anonymity if necessary and not actively hindering the work.

All of these areas fascinate me in their own way – photography in the medical field, in the kitchen, still life photography. I am very excited about every single future project!

I mostly work in and between Hannover and Hamburg, but my photographic field of activity also includes Braunschweig, Wolfsburg, all of Lower Saxony, Bremen, Northern Germany, across the country and elsewhere. In Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand) I used to work for a few years on a wide variety of projects and am always happy to go back for new projects.

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