Bangkok is considered the world capital of street food and attracts foodies and gourmets alike from all parts of the world with an almost endless range of street food stalls and high end restaurants. What very few expect in this metropolis is probably Grüne Soße (Frankfurt style green sauce) or Labskaus…

Within just a few years of its existence in Thailand’s colorful capital, the New German Cuisine Restaurant Sühring has earned two Michelin stars and an exceptional reputation.

Here, locals and expats alike can immerse themselves in modern German cuisine with contemporary interpretations of rustic classics such as labskaus and a sophisticated Brotzeit. More contemporary German comfort foods such as the Currywurst are also celebrated and transformed into fine dining bites. With a view of the tropical garden of the Sühring twins’ cozy 1970s villa – accentuated with selected pieces from their Berlin family home – Deutschland even in far away Southeast Asia is only a few delicacies away.

The aim of this corporate food and restaurant photography project was to provide an aesthetic yet authentic look behind the scenes, as well as to showcase the specific dishes and the people who create and prepare them. Not only the taste component is strong at Sühring, but also the consistently perfect visual presentation of the individual courses. This requires an appropriate photographic translation that does justice to the motifs and reflects the expression of the chefs: minimalist, harmonious and strong in color and composition, concentrated and elegant.

The series includes staff portraits, behind the scenes from the kitchen and from the service, interior design and architecture photos, still life and classic food photography, as well as candid documentary shots that capture interactions and work processes in and around the renowned restaurant. In order to underline the authentic character of the restaurant, only natural light was used throughout production.

The result is a comprehensive and multifaceted corporate PR photo series that illustrates the most diverse gastronomic processes, impressions and atmospheres in the microcosm of a Michelin star restaurant – captured in an elegant, aesthetic visual language that makes the viewer hungry for more and visually puts them in the mood for the first-class culinary experience it has to offer.

The initial plan was to produce imagery for social media. However, the final variety of motifs allows for diverse use for PR, website and self-promotion on various channels for print and web for diverse external presentation.


PR / Corporate Food Photography


Food Still Life, Food Photography, Documentary Photography, Interior & Exterior, Staff Portraits


Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia