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For many years, the search for good food has driven me thousands of kilometers across the globe. It was obvious that food photography had to become one of my greatest vocations. My biggest drive is to depict the culinary qualities of a dish as perfectly as possible on a visual level. Colour, light, styling, details. Where do aesthetics and the content to be conveyed go together better than in food photography!

Whether elegant, playful or abstract. I work both on location in the restaurant or in the kitchen, close to the employees – for example behind the scenes in the work processes as a PR documentary – with staged or authentic portrait photos and stills in the restaurant or in the studio, and place selected dishes and ingredients and entire menus in the right light with my camera. Star restaurants as well as street food pop-ups and food producers are part of my photographic clientele and I am always happy about creative challenges outside of the regular gastronomy bubble.

My operational area for commercial and editorial clients in the food and beverage industry and beyond focuses primarily on Hanover and Hamburg as well as the neighboring Lower Saxony regions of Braunschweig, Wolfsburg, Hildesheim to Bremen, East Westphalia and of course all of Germany and beyond.

Culinary art is so difficult to put into words – with food photography I do it justice by putting it in the limelight and reaching for maximum aesthetics.