→ Medical PR & Corporate Documentaries, Still-Life Photography, Medical Photography, staff portraits, surgery photography & more — in clinics, hospitals, operating theaters, in care and research, for medical practices and other companies in the healthcare sector.

From specialist practices to major hospital campuses, I bring a storyteller’s approach to my commercial photography for healthcare providers nationwide. Based in Hanover and Hamburg, Germany, I offer on location medical photography for clinics, hospitals, labs, and business photography for medical practices and companies in the healthcare sector as well as editorial medical photography for magazines and other publications.

In the field of corporate medical photography, in addition to classic office shots and employee portraits, I also bring the aspect of storytelling into my photography in order to visually convey a lively, positive impression of typical interactions with the patient on site and to create an inviting, trustworthy basic atmosphere.

“In the Beginning there is Death” is a documentary photography series on body donation. “Keratoplasty” is a corporate PR photography series on cornea transplantation.