Garden Wedding in Germany

Civil Garden Wedding on the idyllic Jeinsen estate in Gestorf, Germany

Marie & Mathias exchanged their vows on the romantic private premises between ancient linden trees and timbered German houses
Garden Wedding in Germany

Marie and Matthias’ request to photograph their civil garden wedding in Germany at the von Jeinsen Gestorf estate reached me at very short notice. They had only found out about this very special branch of the Springe registry office recently, and of course now they also wanted professional photos in this extraordinary setting. So they were looking for a spontaneous wedding photographer – and they found one :)

I didn’t know this location either and was very excited. It seemed to be a hidden gem! The weather forecast for the date in July was mixed and changeable, the days before had been rainy – but we were incredibly lucky and the wedding was blessed with sunshine and blue skies. And I have to say, the wedding in the garden (or rather park) was in fact a dream! I can wholeheartedly recommend Gutshof Jeinsen in Gestorf to all couples who have a penchant for romance and don’t feel like mass processing in their typical city registry office.


In Springe there is a very special place where couples can get married: the Jeinsen estate in Gestorf with its extensive garden and countless flowers, where you can get married in the open air. This opportunity is almost unique in the Hanover area. Since 2011, romantics have had the opportunity to get married in this almost three-hectare, idyllic complex. The park impresses with its lush flower beds and ancient trees and therefore offers the perfect backdrop for both open-air weddings and special wedding portraits, for example under the almost 300-year-old linden tree.

And if an outdoor wedding in Germany sounds like a risky idea to you, weather-wise, here you still have the option of moving into the spectacular garden room, which also serves as the official wedding room, or into the inviting entrance hall with an impressive knight’s armor, a cozy fireplace and magnificent ceiling paintings.

Since 2011, around 70 couples tie the knot here year after year. They not only come from the immediate area or Hanover, but also from other German cities such as Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich and Austria.

By the way, the flowers for the bridal bouquets and table decorations are sourced directly from the estate’s own garden, planted specifically to brighten up these special occasions.

If you want a picture perfect garden wedding in Germany, this is definitely the place to go!

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Garden Wedding in Germany – Gallery Wedding at von Jeinsen Estate

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